yahguudang Seafood With Respect

There was a time, not long ago, when humans were intimately connected to the land, ocean and all living things. In the mythical islands of Haida Gwaii, the profound interdependence between the forest, the sea and their shared inhabitants is forever and strongly tied.

Amidst this isolated, wild and rainy place are miles of pristine rugged shorelines, vast expanses of sandy beaches, and ocean stretching as far as the eye can see.

The wild abundance of the sea has sustained the Haida people for thousands of years and provided a source for food, ceremony and spiritual sustenance. The fisheries around Haida Gwaii not only provide an important link to the cultural heritage of islands, but also a sustainable future for our islands communities.

We want to help guide others back to the ways of nature: living more connected lives, eating cleanly and sustainably, and knowing the origin of one’s food. This is why we produce seafood that incorporates Yahguudang, the Haida concept of respect for the land, sea, air and all living things.




We owe our existence to Haida Gwaii. Our values are a part of our process and our company culture. Yahguudang is in everything that we do.

We care about the whole process: the care of catch, where it comes from, the choice of ingredients and the methods that we use. We don’t call it “sustainable” or “green” or “traceable”. We simply do the right thing. We know no other way.

Nowadays, we do things a little differently. We no longer fish from hand-carved Cedar canoes or use hooks fashioned from bone. We have traded in our natural fiber fishing lines for titanium rods and reels, but our philosophy hasn’t changed.

We support ocean-friendly fishing methods such as hook & line, hand-harvesting and trap fisheries, each recognized for producing the finest quality wild seafood available. We use these methods so that future generations have the same opportunities that we do.

Our Promise

Seafood Products With Integrity

We commit to sourcing the highest quality sustainably caught seafood from the pristine resources of Haida Gwaii. Every step in the production process is performed meticulously, often by hand, with great care and attention to quality. As a result we have earned the reputation of providing only the very best.

What make our products different:

  • Haida Wild’s proximity to the fishing grounds provides us with the ability to buy directly off of the boat. This allows us to process the fish within hours of delivery and have it blast frozen as soon as possible, thus leading to superior quality fish in terms of color, texture and flavor.
  • We purchase from a select group of commercial fishermen that have been hand selected for their consistent quality and excellent care-of-catch. We treat the fishermen with respect and compensate them fairly because we know that our livelihoods are interconnected.
  • We fillet and/or smoke our product with ancient expertise, in small batches, by hand. Smoked products utilize select species, high-quality ingredients, and no preservatives.
  • We are a proud Ocean Wise partner. Ocean Wise is a Vancouver Aquarium conservation program created to educate and empower consumers about the issues surrounding sustainable seafood.
  • Our fishing methods significantly reduce bycatch. We strongly feel that there are no ‘undesirable’ species and we promote no wastage of any fish. We proudly process and sell ‘bycatch’ species such as rock cod.