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We work with local fishermen to source quality seafood from the ocean surrounding Haida Gwaii. All seafood products are subject to strict standards before they end up at your doorstep. Browse our current stock of seafood here.

Delivery right to your door

Your seafood products are delivered in air-tight coolers. Our unique containers do not need ice and keep our products completely frozen for 30 hours. To guarantee the freshest delivery, we always ship on a priority overnight basis. For more detailed information on shipping, click here.

When you receive your order, unpack and enjoy your Haida Wild seafood!

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Our Promise

Haida Wild is committed to sourcing the highest quality sustainably-caught seafood from the pristine resources of Haida Gwaii. Every step in our process is performed meticulously, often by hand, with great care and attention to quality. As a result, our seafood has earned the reputation of being second to none.