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Albacore Tuna

A firm, dense fish with a steak-like texture and a rosy pink flesh that turns a beautiful ivory colour when cooked. Albacore Tuna has a delicate, but distictively rich taste and is considered to have a more subtle flavour than the other species of tuna. Also higher in omega-3’s than other tunas, it is a heart-healthy protein choice that is low in fat and cholesterol. Albacore can be seared, barbecued and pan-fried, as well as cured in citrus or enjoyed as sashimi. Short cooking times are optimal, as tuna is an easy fish to overcook.


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Catch Method: Hook & Line
Product Description: Skinless, Bone-Out
Product Form: 1lb Portion (approx).
Fresh Frozen, Vacuum-Packed
Additional Info: Product of Haida Gwaii
Low in mercury and other polutants because Albacore is caught at a young age, before they accumulate high levels of toxins.