Signature Hot Smoked Salmon

Cured in our special mix of spices and smoked to perfection to create a robust full- bodied flavour, a smoky bouquet and a moist, velvety texture. Smoked in small batches, we use only the finest premium species and high-quality, all-natural ingredients to ensure the highest quality. Hot smoked salmon is extremely versatile and complements a creamy pasta sauce, can be made into a rich paté, or simply eaten on its own.


$27.95 / lb

Catch Method: Hook & Line
Product Description: Hot Smoked, Skin-On
Product Form: 1lb Portion (approx).
Frozen, Vacuum-Packed
Additional Info: Product of Haida Gwaii
Nutritional Info Signature Hot Smoked Salmon
Nutritional Info Signature Hot Smoked Salmon