West Coast Charcuterie Platter

On Haida Gwaii, salumi di mare, or charcuterie of the sea is not a trend. It is how things have always been done. On the West Coast, smoked seafood is a fairly normal accompaniment to your preserves, cheese and crackers. On Haida Gwaii,  Jilt and other traditional methods of preserving fish (smoking, salting, drying) have always been used for spreads at potlatches and community events.

To create the perfect West Coast charcuterie platter here are some tips and suggestions.

  • Serve a variety of Smoked Salmon (Candied, Hot Smoked and Lox are all popular staples)
  • A buttery Smoked Sablefish is a definite crowd pleaser (poach before serving)
  • Figs, Blackberries and Strawberries pair perfectly with both Sablefish and Salmon
  • Roast Pecans and Almonds and place around the platter
  • Pick a variety of soft, hard, strong and mild cheeses
  • You can add a couple cured meats, such as Prosciutto and Salami
  • Olives such as Castelvetrano and Nicoise are buttery, mild and work well with the stronger cheeses
  • Gooseberries add a decorative touch and they are deliciously tart


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